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Trend Reports: What You Should Know

I admit it. Trends reports are as interesting to me, as they are to most designers. It’s interesting to see what others are doing and certainly, most everyone wants to know about the latest trends. At the same time, I find these articles should be approached with caution. While trends are interesting, the best design solutions are grounded in research and appropriately developed for a specific client and audience base. It’s all about reflecting brand meaning. The latest trends should never be the foundation for logo development.

On the other hand, some trends play a significant role in influencing the evolution of logos. Take technology, for example. Because costs have decreased, it currently feels more acceptable to design an identity that uses four-colors. Additionally, presses have evolved and gradations print better, so many logo applications can handle more detail. Use of electronic devices allow for animation. Technology has fueled the evolution of many logo design trends.

Additionally, other working trends have influenced identity design, like electronic forms and paperwork. Many companies no longer print paper letterhead, but rely on electronic instead, allowing for more richer logos to be applied.

The best logos reflect the core values of the brand, are uniquely their own, adaptable, memorable and engaging. Looking back over history, there are so many examples of brands that have stood the test of time. These logos, seem to do the things we expect a logo to do at minimum, reflect the core values of the brand.

That said, check out these logo trends and enjoy!


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