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Argus Rebrands STEMquest to Reflect the Organization’s Innovative Programs

STEMquest provides innovative opportunities and experiences for elementary and middle school students in California, focused on STEM activities (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). The organization’s incredibly innovative history dates back to 1969, when Learning Achievement Corp was founded to produce educational materials, followed by Green Valley Early Learning Centers to provide a laboratory setting to test educational products. The organization evolved into Child Development Incorporated in 1980, and in 2016 the organization reorganized and created a STEM-focused enrichment program. It became critical for the organization to develop a new brand and create focused communications to support the evolution, offering and planned growth.

Argus guided STEMquest through their phased process for solving brand challenges. Beginning with Build the Foundation, Argus conducted qualitative and quantitative research, competitive analysis and developed a clear understanding of the organization’s strategic goals, business objectives, audiences, competition, and challenges. The information gathered guided the brand strategy which includes key assets such as defining the positioning, characteristics, messaging and specifies necessary communication applications to meet business objectives. Subsequently, in the second phase, Create the Vision, the name, tagline, visual identity and design elements are created to give the organization a unique personality and bring the brand to life. In the final phases, Bring the Brand to Life and Extend the Brand, the design elements are combined to create specific communication applications, such as the website, to engage audiences and clearly articulate who STEMquest is and what makes them important.

The new branding and website design showcases young students in enriched learning environments. STEMquest, as an organization, sees STEM as an engaging path to learning life skills and developing the interpersonal tools to help students thrive in their future pursuits. You can experience the new website here.

The work has been integral to real results. STEMquest has acquired four additional school programs and is now expanding into new cities.

“We are honored to be working with STEMquest as they pursue their mission and growth,” notes Jeff Breidenbach, principal at Argus. “Their engaging and focused STEM activities create a science, technology, engineering and math curriculum few schools are equipped to provide and that are essential in our modern world and economy. The programs they offer are so important to early education.”

Since 1996, Argus has helped our clients bring their brand to life and attract the right audience through communication strategy, environmental design and digital products. They focus primarily on real estate, biotech/pharma, and non-profit markets.

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