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3 Ways Planning Your Brand Strengthens Your Team

Jeff Breidenbach writes on brand and wayfinding, 3 Things, each month.

Property branding’s has an influence on the development team.  Here are operational impacts that may not be top of mind.

  1. Provides Meaning

The ultimate goal of property branding is to connect with the community by bringing a development’s meaning to the surface. While it’s critically important to connect with the community, it’s also beneficial for development team to understand and live the brand of the development they are working on. There is an enthusiasm and drive that results from being connected to their work in a significant way. Just ask Millennials who, according to Gallup Polls*, “believe that life and work should be worthwhile and have meaning.” Branding expresses purpose and gives a development focus of which a team can adhere to as work moves forward.

  1. Creates Efficiency

Just as a brand provides purpose, it can also build efficiencies throughout the timeline. Brand guidelines and messages can be documented and distributed so each separate portion of the extended development team can refer to and adhere to the principles laid forth in the branding. No need to reinvent the wheel or meet to get back up-to-speed on the purpose: it’s all defined within the brand itself.

Branding keeps the communication between teams open and accountable. Everyone is on the same page, moving toward the same goal and can reflect on the same values.

  1. Cost Effective

With a clear plan and established brand elements, branding can help contain costs. There is no need to reinvent the wheel throughout the process, because each member of the team is working toward the same unified goal, and using the same elements and messages as they complete their own particular portion of a project.  No matter what the end result, the basis for the work will be steeped in the branding as it has been established.


What is your experience with branding?  Leave me a note, I would love to hear from you – Jeff Breidenbach

Since 1996, Argus has helped clients bring their brand to life and attract the right audience through communication strategy, environmental design and digital products. We focus primarily in the real estate and non-profit markets.  For more information, contact the Argus team at (415) 247-2800.

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