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At our core, we are a passionate place branding company dedicated to forging meaningful connections and enhancing lives. Our journey began with our two partners’ shared vision.

From Childhood Dreams to Storytelling Mastery

One partner harbored a childhood dream of becoming an architect and over time their fascination shifted towards logos, symbols, and their profound meanings. The other partner, influenced by a family of artists, particularly their father—an industrial designer and painter—found their creative spark ignited at an early age.

From sketchbooks and canvases, our passion transitioned into skillfully conveying messages through two and three-dimensional art, ultimately growing into a deep love for graphic design—a powerful communication medium, blending image and text to convey captivating stories.

Crafting Experiences, Shaping Environments: The Passion-Driven Journey of our Place Branding company

Our college experiences exposed us to a diverse array of graphic design ventures, from consumer packaging to corporate communications, and venturing into the world of environmental graphic design. It was at this point we discovered the profound power brand strategy wields in shaping how people experience their surroundings.

In 1996, we took the bold step of establishing our own agency, Argus. Initially centered around annual reports and corporate communications, our journey took a pivotal turn after insightful conversations with industry professionals. It transformed into a mission focused on branding places.

The Evolution of Argus into a Leading Place Branding Agency

Our lifelong passion led us to embark on forming a design company rooted in brand strategy where we harmonize our two loves: branding and environmental graphics, all aimed at enhancing human experiences. As we worked independently at various creative agencies nationwide, our hearts continued to draw us back to our passion for creating meaningful and enduring design solutions that transform environments and improve lives.

As a place branding company, our mission is to transform spaces and environments, instilling them with a unique identity that inspires and betters the lives of those who encounter them. We firmly believe that branded design possess the power to elevate physical places with a direct positive influence on the experiences of the people within them.

How can we assist you in creating a branded place that leaves an indelible mark on the individuals who interact with it?

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