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Argus brands SonALAsense, a company aimed at turning deadly brain tumors into a manageable disease

Sonalsense retained Argus to create a new brand, including the logo, messaging, tagline and website to tell the story of the science behind the company’s innovative approach to the treatment of recurrent gliobastoma multiforme (rGMB).

“The opportunity with such innovative science, is to tell the human, patient-centered story, balanced by the revolutionary science behind the treatment,” notes Jeff Breidenbach, principal at Argus. He continues, “With a range of stakeholders that need the information communicated clearly and succinctly, science-based brands present a unique branding challenge.”

SonALASense is a non-invasive drug-device combination therapy, created through ALA, a tumor-targeted drug and focused ultrasound. The treatment is designed to turn the diagnosis of glioblastoma multioforme (GBM) from terminal into a chronic, manageable course of treatments so patients become cancer survivors, rather than cancer victims.

For this project, Argus led the process to develop a new logo and create human-centric messages that recast the disease from a life-sentence to a manageable disease while explaining the treatment.  Additionally, Argus mapped out a content strategy, developed the concept, designed and executed a website that is fully accessible across device types. In Argus’ work for SonALASense, the goal is to have the site represent the brand and communicate information to stakeholders in language and images that resonate with them, and convey the SonALASense brand experience.

San-Francisco Bay Area-based Argus specializes in branding and communications for healthcare and science-driven companies, translating the complex meaning to accessible language and brand meaning.

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