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Your products and services are distinct, inspired by your customers’ needs. Argus is dedicated to providing exceptional solutions that articulate your value proposition. By taking the time to identify your business objectives, Argus delivers powerful, precise messages which differentiate you and your offerings.

Brand Strategy

Whether creating a new brand or evolving an existing one, we develop strategies that articulate a brand’s unique attributes to inspire audiences and compel action. We understand how brands and organizations, as well as markets and stakeholders interact, and we get to the core of facilitating proper engagement. Our work stems from a commitment to ensuring that all touch points work together for a harmonious experience, and meet our clients’ business goals.

We bring brands to life by enhancing the relationship between the company, its offerings and stakeholder groups. The voice, personality and other outward-facing brand components are identified and aligned by through our consistent process. We ensure stakeholders are approached in relevant ways to build stronger bonds between organization and audience.

Brand Identity

Bridging the strategies we define with tactical implementation is where the rubber hits the road. Argus has the expertise to articulate the brands we develop both verbally and visually. Our services include creating mission and vision statements and providing extensive copywriting services for a variety of design applications. Our design capabilities include logo design, digital and print communications and environmental graphics—a full suite of tools make sure our clients’ brands are extended and communicated consistently to inspire excellent stakeholder engagement.

Naming and Tagline Development

A name must embody the place, product or organization it represents. It must engage and inform and be as intriguing as it is memorable. Argus expertly elevates unique characteristics to develop distinct and meaningful names for our clients and their products. Part of that process includes helping to evaluate the need for the change and developing strategies that allow a successful introduction so that the new name is embraced and supported in the future. Similarly, Argus provides tagline development services that ensure seamless integration into an organization’s communication architecture.

Placemaking and Environmental Design

Our deep experience naming and creating brand identities for real estate developments helps connect communities and leverages the exclusive qualities each offers its residents. Our holistic approach brings places to life through programming, designing and implementing signage systems that reflect the uniqueness of the architecture, features and history of the location, as well as complying with ADA standards, and historical guidelines when necessary. The result is an environment that truly embodies a sense of place and provides required functionality within an engaging and on brand experience.