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PRESS RELEASE: “Mural” Opening Presents Stunning Entry Mural

OAKLAND, CA, April 21, 2016— Argus is pleased to announce the opening of Mural. Mural will provide 675 new homes, including 90 affordable rental apartments.

“We could not be more excited to have been part of this vital mixed-use project. Contributing to work that’s purpose it already meaningful is very rewarding,” said Argus partner, Stephanie Wade.

Argus developed the name, branding and signage for Mural, the first residential building of the MacArthur Station transit-oriented development. The resulting work is intended to be representative of the many unique neighborhoods that border MacArthur Station. The history of the area is richly layered and epitomizes what makes Oakland special. The name and branding are a tribute to that.

In addition, Argus commissioned artist Martin Webb to create a permanent 20’ x 20’ mural, which is displayed in the entryway of the building. Martin says of his work, “My work comes from thoughts about people, places, and home; about age, time, and timelessness, permanence and impermanence; about movement, migration, and belonging.”

Argus partner Jeff Breidenbach says he chose Martin because the richness, texture and depth of Martin’s work felt so fitting for this project, “we wanted the mural to weave together the diversity of the area in one unique piece and reflect the rebuilding of a neighborhood that had been fractured by poor development decisions.”

Located adjacent to BART on a 7.76 acre site, Mural is the second phase of the master-planned MacArthur Station development. The overall MacArthur Station development will include construction of five buildings for high density, multifamily housing, with a new 478-space parking garage for BART patrons and guests. In addition, 42,500 square feet of local commercial and retail space will be constructed, along with 5,000 square feet of space for community use. (


Argus is a branding and communications firm based in Emeryville, California. We work with real estate developers to connect people and places, by transforming buildings into homes and destinations through branding, wayfinding and art. For more information about Argus, please visit

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