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Development Branding Success, Practice These Simple Concepts.

If you are reading this, you’re aware that managing a development process requires exceptional organization and attention to detail. Many projects are the result of months or even years of work and planning. One of the best investments you can make towards the success of your project, and development branding, is getting your team on the same page with one another, because a strong and unified team makes for a strong and thriving final product. Some critical things that we recommend:

1. Integrate the players, and do it as early as possible.

As early as possible, plan a meet and greet with all invested parties. This includes project managers, architects, contractors, designers and fabricators. Give folks a chance to be seen by each other as more than a vendor, but a vital part of the success of the development.

2. Open clear lines of communication between disciplines.

Allow time for each development professional to introduce themselves, their expertise, and let them ask questions and raise concerns at the beginning of the process. Create a culture that values teamwork and group problem solving.

Compile a contact sheet or create an online group that links the parties together to easily connect when needed. If possible compile a general overall timeline for the project that can be shared and includes as many disciplines as possible.

3. Establish hierarchy and protocol

Let everyone know that each part of the development process is valued and adds to the success of the whole. Set an expectation that ideas be met with open minds. As architect Mies van der Rohe used to say, “God is in the details.” It takes each and every player, working in cooperation, to make the overall project a success.

4. Identify one main point of contact and expect accountability

Do we need to say more? Keep the players as consistent as possible throughout the process. Maintain a paper trail (which these days may be electronic) in case a switch happens so things will stay on track. There are many different cloud-based project management tools that can help with this, too.

5. Adhere to well documented meaning

Unless you define what your property is about, the general public will do it for you. Every aspect of your process from planning, to development branding to construction will add meaning to the development and make it more authentic. Make sure your teams stay on target with your initial, documented communication platform.

We hope these tips help contribute to your success.

We are always happy to share our experience with others. Have a question for us or a hurdle you can’t overcome? Let us know! Or, schedule a free development branding audit by answering a few questions. The audit is free and takes just an hour to get started.

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