PRESS RELEASE: Branding Launched for Oakland's AvéVista Apartments. - Argus
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PRESS RELEASE: Branding Launched for Oakland’s AvéVista Apartments.

OAKLAND, CA, April 21, 2016—Argus announces completion of branding and signage for newly opened for AvéVista Apartments, 68 newly constructed mixed use, multi-family affordable rental apartments on the shores of Oakland, California’s Lake Merritt.

Argus, working with their long-time client BRIDGE Housing, completed extensive history, site review and vision planning for the community. “When we began the process for AvéVista, before we even developed the name, we took a very deep dive into the community location, vision and what it means for Oakland,” commented Jeff Breidenbach, principal at Argus. “The property on Lake Merritt, in an urban area with a rich history. We wanted to make sure that the branding and signage we developed reflected that history and created harmony with the community’s surroundings.” The Mediterranean-style building for AvéVista is bike and pedestrian friendly, transit oriented and includes street level commercial retail space.

Argus has a proprietary process to their design approach. They begin by researching the area history and gathering information from the client, the architect and other stakeholders to create a communications blueprint. Being clear about the intentions of the project from the beginning helps the wide range of audiences involved in community development – from neighbors to city government to residents– to understand the purpose of the building, warm to it and give the client and contractor a focal point to rally around as the project moves towards completion.

Building on the community character and history of the location, the physical identity evolved to includes the wings of a bird, an image often seen on the lake. Argus also created ADA signage and wayfinding, entry artwork and retail window signs inspired by vintage postcards from the area. The result is a vibrant, integrated set of brand components that create a true sense of place.Argus is a branding and communications firm based in Emeryville, California. We work with real estate developers to connect people and places, by transforming buildings into homes and destinations through branding, wayfinding and art. For more information about Argus, please visit

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