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Argus is delighted to announce new work with Sunflower Hill

Argus is delighted to announce new work with Sunflower Hill. Sunflower Hill, a non-profit organization in the East Bay of San Francisco, creates environments that provide adults with developmental disabilities places to live and spaces to work, learn and realize their dignified place in the community. The organization supports life-long living opportunities and social, vocational, educational, and enrichment programs. Sunflower Hill seeks to enhance options available to those it serves by creating a diverse community of choice that supports a, productive, and joyful quality of life. You can visit the current Sunflower Hill website at

As Sunflower Hill embarks upon its first residential community, it engaged Argus to guide and develop the mission critical process of creating ADA compliant signage in the community to serve residents of all cognitive abilities. Argus has also been charged with guiding the organization through an iterative rebranding process that will inform the way all of its programs and communities are viewed. This important rebranding will increase visibility and strengthen connections with their stakeholders including participants, volunteers, municipalities and donors. This effort will result in a new brand identity, including environmental graphics for a new residential community, that includes of living units and purpose-driven program spaces.

“We are honored to be entrusted with the Sunflower Hill brand,” noted Stephanie Wade, principal at Argus. “We have experience working with organizations that serve those with unique needs, and it’s one of our core branding and communications capabilities. We are excited to help Sunflower Hill pursue their mission and achieve their goals.”

Branding and communications for non-profit organizations are key components of Argus’ expertise. Each of our work areas – healthcare, placemaking, education, and non-profit – is designed for clients whose work improves lives. Projects like Sunflower Hill are nearest to the heart of what Argus is driven to deliver – the means to achieve their mission. Stay tuned as the work unfolds.

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