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Argus Connects a San Francisco Community Through Branding

Branding is essential today as start-ups and established companies alike strategize how best to present themselves to the public, client and customer. When Argus was hired by BRIDGE Housing to name, design the identity, signage, artwork and overall branding strategy for a set of multi-family buildings, community facilities, grounds and the surrounding area in San Francisco’s Alemany neighborhood, our path was a community-customer-centric-and strategic approach to the revitalized community.


The Alemany apartment complex is located in San Francisco’s Bernal Heights area. The area has always been low-income housing and despite some negative history, the residents are generally tight-knit, bonded by multiple generations and a shared history. Argus’ approach to branding will elevate the authentic and positive aspects of the community, incorporating elements that have shaped what it is today and integrating with the revitalization of its structures and landscape.

Our Approach

A primary concept to amplify is the idea of a quality and comfortable home. This message will be embodied in the name, identity, signage, and commissioned artwork Argus has been engaged to create. Residents and visitors need to feel a sense of pride and, done well, we can help them maintain a deep tie to their community, while connecting to the larger Bernal Heights neighborhood and greater San Francisco. The community’s brand is built on history, the people and place, and a vision for success. A number of site visits to meet the residents and learn about their interests and experiences provided critical insights. The multigenerational community and proximity to The Farm, San Francisco’s largest urban garden, also informed the brand’s tone and our ability to provide an authentic sense of place.

The Bigger Picture

Argus intends to celebrate the strong bonds within Alemany and to its surrounding community through the brand development. Strengthening these connections will work to define the community. We will design gateway signage and choose artists whose art highlights the space while telling the community’s story in a meaningful way. We believe that this attention to detail is exactly what the residents, BRIDGE Housing, and the larger community need to cement their connection to the area and the people who live there. By collaborating with the developer, residents and other disciplines involved, we can both elevate and amplify what makes Alemany special and build towards a positive future.

Project Update

Argus has renamed Alemany to “Panorama at Alemany.” The name speaks to the different perspectives of the neighborhood and the longview forward for it’s revitalization. Brand identity, signage and environmental graphics to come soon!

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