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News Release: Berkeley Lights Technology and Innovation Celebrated With New Website Launch

BERKELEY, Calif.March 27, 2017PRLog — Leadership, employees and stakeholders of Berkeley Lights celebrate the launch of a new brand-focused website which tells their story:  the partnership of science and engineering, to transform the lives of individuals by understanding disease at the cellular level and through the development of personalized therapies.

“Continual innovations in engineering, biology, and technology are at the forefront of automating biological process for discovery and development of therapeutics that Berkeley Lights enables. The new Berkeley Lights website allows us to clearly and dynamically tell that story,” notes Sandra Finley, Marketing Executive of Berkeley Lights.

“The company has an incredible story of breakthrough innovation that can revolutionize how disease is treated,” notes Jeff Breidenbach, principal at Argus, the firm leading the branding and website design and development, adding, “It was time to make a clear case to Berkeley Lights’ stakeholders.”

Berkeley Lights’ immuno-therapy means a radical change in treatment.  In the case of cancer, the technology can identify a single cell within one’s own body, with one’s own immunity, replicate that cell, and reintroduce those cells into the body to fight cancer.  The therapy can ultimately away with chemo-therapy and other invasive treatments.

Berkeley Lights’ technology annotates and characterizes individual cells. Each cell type has specific characteristics and plays a specialized role in the body. An individual cell has a particular personality whether that is the speed of replication, how it interacts with neighboring cells or how it responds to specific stimuli.

Berkeley Lights believes the understanding of biological processes can be accelerated using the power of engineering.  Founded in 2011, they deliver breakthrough platforms and devices that fundamentally change the way biological processes are done. Their technology revolutionizes how scientists and researchers study the interaction of cells and transform and accelerate cellular therapies.  The platforms enable extremely precise selection, control, and measurement of thousands of individual cells simultaneously while maintaining reliable reproducibility.

To learn more about Berkeley Lights and to experience their story, visit

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