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Identity, Branding and Vision: What You Need to Know

These three terms are easy to confuse. When planning for a real estate development, here’s how to think about each of these terms:


Identity is the visual representation of a brand and identifies a property in its simplest form, a mark or logo.


Brand is the all-encompassing expression of property, rather like a personality. A brand informs outward-facing touchpoints, such as sales materials, websites, wayfinding and advertisements. A brand also influences the words and messaging that tell a property’s story to the outside world. Brand is firmly grounded in vision.


Vision is a more high-level or aspirational term that helps define the purpose of a development and takes into account history, location, architectural plans, amenities, demographics, and any other similarly influential factors.  When you create a vision for a new development, the history of the space and the demographics and interests of the community all offer clues to providing an authentic experience. Often, historic and new structures must converge to create a story that elevates a community. These factors make it critically important to hone your vision.

What is your experience with vision, brand and identity?  We’d love to hear from you. – Stephanie

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