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3 Critical Ways Branding Helps Real Estate Developers

Jeff Breidenbach writes on brand and wayfinding each month.

Property branding plays a positive role in development for many reasons, but here are a few important ways that may not be top of mind.

  1. Adds Professionalism to the Property Portfolio

Compared to many other costs associated with developments, branding has a big bang for the buck. By branding a property well, a developer can show a wide audience, including future financial backers and cities, that they have their act together and know how to project a professional look which will appeal to future residents  and stand the test of time. This commitment to professionalism can strengthen the property value, too. Branding helps tell the story of the property and why it’s important to the community, making it easier to embrace. It shows a commitment to making the development the best it can be. Not just a building, but a place with meaning and purpose that is meant to be an asset to the community.

  1. Builds Efficiencies for the Extended Team

Building efficiencies for the extended development team can save both time and money.  Branding gives the extended development team a single point of focus, as well as something to rally around. The pool of people who bring a project to life is broad and varied in professional focus and interests. These stakeholders will likely encompass architects, marketers, landscape architects, project managers and the construction team, who may start out on the same page but risk getting off track. Branding gives each group unified purpose for the project, keeping the focus and keeping things organized which can save time and money.

  1. Engages and Influences Community Stakeholders

Whether a new development lives or dies often depends on whether the new development is accepted by the community. Branding can be key to acceptance.  Branding allows a developer to connect a project to a community and to their lives by communicating with them as to how and why the development adds value to the neighborhood. Developers can encourage community members to participate in the development of the brand, which can be even more valuable in terms of gaining consensus, contributing knowledge and building positive connections.

What is your experience with branding your development?  Leave me a note, I would love to hear from you – Jeff Breidenbach

Argus is a branding and communications firm based in Emeryville, California. We work with real estate developers to connect people and places, by transforming buildings into homes and destinations through branding, wayfinding and art. For more information, contact the Argus team at (415) 247-2800.

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