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About The Project

Tokens & Icons creates unexpected ways to package iconic artifacts within high-quality, fun and useful products. Their products evoke memories and emotions by illustrating a connection between historic moments and those who revere them. Tokens & Icons creatively delivers real and meaningful stories.

Tokens & Icons wished to make a stronger connection with its stakeholders. Prior to the project, their products were primarily sold through online and brick and mortar resellers, and, in most cases, purchasers were not aware of the Tokens & Icons company when they acquired products. While sales were good, and growing each year, no single reseller could stock all of Tokens & Icons products. In fact, all the resellers together do not stock everything available, and Tokens & Icons catalog keeps growing.

Argus was engaged to develop more than a new sales channel for Tokens & Icons that would allow people to see all the products. A primary goal was to provide an intuitive way for people to understand the breadth of what the Company has to offer. Early on we identified the need to develop a brand platform that clearly educates people about this highly creative and prolific product company, and create a connection between Tokens & Icons, its products and customers.

We led Tokens & Icons through our five-step process, which defined and created a simple and strong communication platform. At the onset of the project, our team interviewed stakeholders within and outside the Company. Market research was performed to ensure the applications we developed were as distinct as Tokens & Icons and its aspirational products. Our discovery process revealed the Company and its high quality merchandise are unique, have a high degree of emotional value and are primarily purchased by women for men. A key attribute being the authenticity of the artifacts in the products and how they are re-purposed and presented. We learned that Tokens & Icons greatest value is its ability to connect people to cherished memories which lead to our work to elevate the brand, tell the story of not only the products but also how they and Tokens & Icons the Company came to be, and to guide customers through an experience that embodies the Tokens & Icons brand.