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About The Project

The Lalanne Group manages and develops some of the best known real estate projects around the San Francisco Bay Area. The company’s, and its founder’s connection to the San Francisco Bay Area have been a call and guidepost to provide distinct and high quality developments for over 30 years.

Argus worked with The Lalanne Group to develop a website that reflects the unique qualities that the Lalanne Group exemplifies. It was important to express the group’s specific successes, it’s commitment to giving back, a sense of trustworthiness and the reputation of it’s founder and family.

After careful review of the Company’s history and materials, plus an audit of the perceived competition, we found that It was also important to express qualities of The Lalanne Group that set is apart: stability, quality, respect for history and tradition and the unique locations where they develop properties.

We developed a dynamic site based on the communication platform we developed during our initial phases of the project. The site is built on a content management system that can be easily updated and modified by The Lalanne Group. A key focus is on audiences looking to know more about the Company’s founder, Bob Lalanne who has recently been named Vice Chair of Real Estate of UC Berkeley.

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