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About the Project:

Berkeley Food & Housing Project, embarked on a journey to rebrand itself in alignment with its evolving vision of providing supportive, equitable, and sustainable housing solutions to the community. The challenge lay in redefining its identity to reflect its expanded mission and future aspirations while maintaining its connection to its rich history of service spanning over 50 years.


Argus collaborated closely with Berkeley Food & Housing Project to navigate the complexities of rebranding and revitalizing its identity. Our approach began with extensive stakeholder engagement, involving clients, partner organizations, staff, board members, donors, funders, and industry experts. This inclusive process ensured that the new brand resonated authentically with all facets of the community it serves.

Drawing from insights gathered during the engagement phase, Argus spearheaded the development of a comprehensive brand platform that accentuated Berkeley Food & Housing Project’s unique strengths and values. This platform served as the cornerstone for crafting a new name, tagline, and visual identity that encapsulated the organization’s commitment to progress and inclusivity.

The culmination of our efforts resulted in the birth of “Insight Housing” and its accompanying tagline, reflecting the organization’s evolution and dedication to building a brighter future for all. The logo, featuring the distinctive “ih” mark, symbolizes the sharing of insights and collective action toward positive change. Vibrant graphic elements and a dynamic color palette were meticulously chosen to convey the organization’s energetic “can-do” spirit and its multifaceted approach to community-building.

Moreover, our collaboration extended to the development of a vibrant and user-centric website that serves as a digital hub for Insight Housing’s initiatives and accomplishments. Through compelling visuals and intuitive navigation, the website showcases Insight Housing’s leadership in fostering vibrant and inclusive communities.

In essence, the rebranding initiative positioned Insight Housing as a beacon of hope and progress, embodying the ethos of “Good neighbors making great communities” and reaffirming its unwavering commitment to serving and empowering those in need.

Our Services:

• Communications Audit
• Brand Platform Development
• Naming
• Tagline
• Identity
• Website
• Brand Standards

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