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About the Project:

SonALAsense is committed to providing hope in the face of despair with a proprietary combination, ALA Sonodynamic Therapy (SDT). This combination is an effective, noninvasive and safe treatment for Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM), a deadly brain cancer, created by the union of two FDA-approved technologies. SonALAsense’s mission is to turn glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) patients into cancer survivors by turning GBM from deadly cancer into a chronic disease

SonALAsense approached Argus to develop and launch its brand with a goal of raising awareness and communicating the organization’s innovative and critical work to patients, medical professionals, and potential investors. Our work included extensive research, brand strategy, communication planning, message development identity, digital and print communications. All done to expand stakeholder participation, as well as provide a strong platform from which SonALAsense can consistently present its services and expertise to a broad community.

The new website is designed to provide visitors with a clear and overarching sense of SonALAsense’s groundbreaking work and how it is intended to drastically change outcomes and lives. Audience specific content tells its story while providing key technical information to support its mission. The logo emphasizes the combination drug device therapy and the visual palette supports the brand through bright and engaging elements and images that convey a better quality of life through SonALAsense’s scientific innovations.

Our Services:

• Brand Platform Development
• Tagline
• Messaging
• Identity
• Website
• Data Sheet

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