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About The Project


St. Joseph’s, a BRIDGE Housing property located in the Fruitvale District of Oakland, California, presented a unique challenge. The property comprised three distinct components: the historic senior building, the modern family apartment building, and the surrounding campus. These elements, while rich in history and significance, differed greatly in style and purpose. The challenge lay in harmonizing these disparate components into a cohesive and inclusive residential environment while paying homage to the site’s storied past.


Argus undertook the task of integrating the diverse elements of St. Joseph’s property while preserving its historical integrity. Through a meticulous branding process, we delved into the archives of St. Joseph’s, conducted interviews with stakeholders and historians, and conducted a comprehensive study of the surrounding community. The outcome was the development of distinct identities for each component: the campus, the senior apartment building, and the family apartment building.

Our scope included the design and implementation of signage that honored the architectural and historical significance of the location, while ensuring compliance with historical guidelines and ADA standards. Moreover, we curated an art gallery within the buildings, showcasing the evolution of the campus and celebrating the vibrant local community. In doing so, we successfully bridged the gap between the historic and modern elements, creating a sense of place that resonates with the diverse residents of the Fruitvale community.

Our Services

• Signage
• Wayfinding
• Site Identity
• Naming

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