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About the Project:

Humboldt Fund partners with bold, mission-driven entrepreneurs who develop breakthrough innovations across biotech, food tech, and materials engineering. The organization invests in early-stage companies that synthesize engineering with physical and life sciences to create technologies that disrupt global conventions to solve the critical issues of our time while creating value and prosperity.

Argus worked with Humboldt Fund to develop the company’s brand and messaging to make a stronger connection with target audiences. Our work amplifies Humboldt Fund’s commitment to creative problem-solving and recognition of the need to rethink how the world’s needs are addressed—by applying revolutionary technologies to improve life and generate a sustainable economic return. The design we developed for Humboldt Fund is fresh and bold to speak effectively and make a strong impression on those who experience it.

Our Services:

• Communications Audit
• Brand Platform Development
• Website
• Stakeholder Engagement

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