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About The Project

Berrett-Koehler is an independent publisher dedicated to an ambitious mission: Connecting People and Ideas to Create a World That Works for All.

Argus led Berrett-Koehler through a rebranding initiative that resulted in the restructuring of the organization’s offerings. At the time we began work, there was external confusion regarding the core offerings of the company and what exactly Berrett-Koehler stood for in an increasingly competitive landscape. Those who were part of the Berrett-Koehler community were enthusiastic about the organization, but often had different, and and at times conflicting, things to say about the company. Clarification was needed to support the organization as a whole and drive sales.

Our process began with a diagnostic phase which included the voices of all Berrett-Koehler employees and many external stakeholders. We organized teams within the Company for reflection and to build consensus, including a core team and a review task force. The wider Berrett-Koehler community was engaged through both quantitative and qualitative analysis to identify gaps, analyze the competition and perform a communications audit.

We found that although the “Community’’ had a strong emotional attachment to Berrett-Koehler, there was no consensus on the organization’s position due to disparate communications and perceptions. Additionally, there was confusion about the product content categories and a lack of differentiation in the marketplace.

Based our findings, we recommended that Berrett-Koehler be presented as the leader in authoring and delivering relevant content with a focus on creating a better world for all. We also amplified the personal connection people have with the publisher as a primary strength. We helped them speak in a single, overarching brand voice, we categorized the products and defined the agendas to reduce confusion.

Through the development of a new website, collateral materials and brand standards, Argus helped Berrett-Koehler communicate consistently, elevate its values, raise the organization’s profile and project credibility. This has strengthened its connection with the growing BK Community and allowed the website to not only focus on sales, but cultivate a thriving community, as well.