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About The Project

The Ohlone Community College District is a multi-campus single community college district located in the southern portion of the San Francisco Bay in California. The District serves almost 18,000 students per year and has a main campus in the City of Fremont and a newly constructed campus in the City of Newark. The College is named for the native population living in the area when Mission San Jose was founded.

As part of a campus-wide redesign, Argus was engaged to develop signage design standards for Ohlone College. As the campus evolved, it was critical that guidelines dictated a vision and consistent program to ensure a cohesive experience for all stakeholders.

Through an integrated process that began with a site assessment and documentation, and working closely with other disciplines, we developed detailed recommendations for a campus-wide signage strategy that met the specific needs of specific locations. Our work was documented in a set of detailed standards with sign typology and outlining a unified plan for the entire Ohlone College campus.

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