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About the Project:

Casa Arabella, a 94-unit multi-family building in Oakland’s Fruitvale District, presented a challenge in establishing its identity within the vibrant community while honoring its namesake, Arabella Martinez. Developed by the East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation (EBALDC) in partnership with The Unity Council, Casa Arabella aimed to provide much-needed housing and amenities to long-time residents of the area. Integrating seamlessly into the fabric of Fruitvale Village while celebrating Martinez’s legacy posed a unique challenge for the branding process.


Argus approached the branding of Casa Arabella with meticulous research and a deep understanding of its significance within the Fruitvale community. Engaging stakeholders, including Arabella Martinez herself, was paramount to our strategy. By leveraging Martinez’s insights and emphasizing integration within the Fruitvale Village, we crafted a brand identity that resonated with the building’s purpose and its surroundings.

Key to our solution was the development of a distinct visual identity that set Casa Arabella apart in the bustling district. A prominent marquee sign and an exterior logo emblem were designed to enhance visibility and recognition, ensuring Casa Arabella stood out amidst the vibrancy of its surroundings. Environmental graphics inspired by Arabella Martinez’s affinity for hummingbirds infused the building with energy and personality, creating a unique atmosphere reflective of her spirit and contributions.

Through thoughtful integration of Martinez’s legacy and the community’s needs, Casa Arabella’s branding emerged as a testament to unity and vitality within the Fruitvale District. By honoring its namesake and embracing the essence of its surroundings, Casa Arabella became more than just a building—it became a symbol of resilience and belonging for generations to come.

Our Services:

• Brand platform development
• Name development
• Identity
• Sign programming
• Site and building identity signage
• Wayfinding and ADA signage design
• Artwork program

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