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About the Project:

Flightpath Biosciences is committed to advancing new therapies targeting spirochete-driven diseases while protecting the human microbiome. Spirochetal bacteria are driver pathogens in many emerging infectious diseases, including Lyme disease, syphilis and leptospirosis, and represent a significant unmet medical need.

Argus led Flightpath through a comprehensive branding exercise to develop a brand platform which identifies key audiences and develops focused messages to allow viewers to more easily understand the need for Flightpath’s offerings.

With the Flightpath brand platform to guide our work, Argus created a logo that illustrates the complexity of the problem organized in a detailed and dynamic way. Multiple facets and perspectives converge to irradiate Spirochetal disease. An animated version of the logo accentuates its meaning.

Argus also created a website page map and visual palette reflective of the organization which keeps the spirochete at the center of the Flightpath’s scientific efforts. The website presents the benefits of Flightpath’s biotechnology upfront and compels visitors to drill down on the science, leadership, pipeline and approach within a role-based information architecture.

Our Services:

• Communications Audit
• Brand Platform Development
• Identity
• Website
• Messaging

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