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About the Project:

STEMquest provides innovative opportunities and experiences for elementary and middle school students in California, focused on STEM activities (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).

Argus guided STEMquest through their phased process for solving brand challenges, beginning with conducting qualitative and quantitative research, competitive analysis to develop a clear understanding of the organization’s strategic goals, business objectives, audiences, competition, and challenges. The information gathered formed the basis for the brand strategy which defined positioning, characteristics, messaging, and specifies necessary communication applications to meet business objectives. Subsequently, the name, tagline, visual identity, and design elements were created to give the organization a unique personality and bring the brand to life. Finally, the design elements were combined to create specific communication applications, such as the website, to engage audiences and clearly articulate who STEMquest is and what makes them important.

The new branding and website design showcases young students in enriched learning environments. STEMquest, as an organization, sees STEM as an engaging path to learning life skills and developing the interpersonal tools to help students thrive in their future pursuits. You can experience the new website here.

Our Services:

• Naming
• Tagline
• Communications Audit
• Brand Platform Development
• Identity
• Website Home Page