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About The Project

The Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund is best known for supporting organizations and causes related to the environment, Jewish affairs, reproductive health, arts and culture, and improving the quality of life in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Highlights of the fund’s environmental conservation efforts include the reintroduction of bighorn sheep in Yosemite National Park; a $5 million gift to protect ten thousand acres of Alaskan wilderness; and funding for numerous climate change initiatives and green technology projects.

A Legacy of Giving

The Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund engaged the work of Argus to chronicle and memorialize the work of the Goldman’s. The book we developed pays tribute to the work of the grantees they funded and huge impact those organizations have had around the world. This short run collector’s book,  which was custom bound and complete with ISBN number, illustrates the rich history of this small foundation that was one of the largest philanthropists ever to exist.

Essentially, we branded the organization for historical purposes, taking great care to ensure its legacy is articulated authentically and completely. Through research and extensive interviews, we positioned the fund and developed messages that would differentiate it from it’s best known entity, The Goldman Prize. We also developed a content strategy to best present and explain the fund’s enormous global impact.