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About The Project

Evergreen Valley College has been an integral part of the south San Jose community for more than 39 years. Students enroll in EVC looking for job skills training, to prepare for university transfer, or pursue lifelong learning opportunities.

Argus developed campus wayfinding signage design standards within a larger master plan. The college was in the midst of a major planning and architectural redesign and it was critical that all disciplines worked in concert to establish recommendations and guidelines that solved current and future issues as the site continued to evolve.

Our work began with a site assessment and documentation of existing conditions to define needs and inform recommendations for a campus-wide signage strategy that integrated with current and evolving campus conditions. The results are standards which include design, development of a campus-wide sign typology, programming and scheduling of complete campus-wide sign design standards which articulate a vision for the future of the Evergreen Valley College campus. Argus also consulted on sign construction and budget.

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