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About the Project

In a recent redesign of the Berkeley Lights website, Argus was retained to tell the company’s complex story in a more clear and engaging way. Argus developed the theme “Know Your Cells” to immediately focus emphasis on Berkeley Lights’ individualized cell therapy. Further, the information was segmented in easy to access blocks of information that allow visitors to dive deeper in to areas in which they are interested in learning about.

Argus led the process to map out a content strategy, develop a concept, design and execute a site that is fully accessible across device types. Argus also developed a set of branded icons utilized across the site and represent key aspects of Berkeley Lights and its work. 

Berkeley Lights believes the understanding of biological processes can be accelerated using the power of engineering.  Founded in 2011, they deliver breakthrough platforms and devices that fundamentally change the way biological processes are done. Their technology revolutionizes how scientists and researchers study the interaction of cells and transform and accelerate cellular therapies. The platforms enable extremely precise selection, control, and measurement of thousands of individual cells simultaneously while maintaining reliable reproducibility.

In the case of cancer, the technology can identify a single cell within your own body, with your own immunity, replicate that cell, and reintroduce those cells into your system to fight cancer. The process does away with chemo-therapy and other invasive treatments.

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