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About the Project:

The HOPE SF Rebuild Potrero development faced multifaceted challenges in its mission to transform a 38-acre area into a mixed-use, mixed-income neighborhood in San Francisco. One significant challenge was maintaining a delicate balance between introducing new structures and preserving the existing community. To address this, BRIDGE Housing embarked on a multi-year effort to engage residents and the surrounding community actively. This collaborative process led to the development master plan that not only respected the area’s history but also embraced positive change. The result was a community-driven approach to urban development, laying the foundation for a harmonious coexistence of old and new.

Sustainable and Affordable Living:

At the heart of the development stands 1101 Connecticut, a testament to the commitment to providing high-density affordable housing. With 72 family units, the building serves as a model for tackling San Francisco’s housing challenges. Beyond affordability, sustainability was a key concern. This dual focus on affordability and sustainability positions 1101 Connecticut as a beacon of positive urban development, offering not just housing but a symbol of community rejuvenation.

Strategic Branding and Visual Identity:

Recognizing the need for thoughtful integration of the new development into the existing community, Argus was enlisted to develop a brand strategy. The challenge lay in striking a balance between tradition and a fresh start. The resulting concept, “Connecting People,” encapsulates the essence of the development, emphasizing ties to the community, San Francisco, and the future. This strategic branding informed the design of a property identity and signage program that seamlessly integrated with the architecture. The visual elements not only serve as strong identifiers for 1101 Connecticut but also set the stage for future development in the Potrero area, creating a visual language that resonates with residents and newcomers alike. In essence, the HOPE SF Rebuild Potrero development, through its holistic approach, not only addresses urban challenges but paves the way for inclusive, sustainable, and community-centric urban living.

Photography: Keith Baker

Our Services:

• Architectural Graphics
• Brand Guidelines
• Brand Platform Development
• Identity
• Wayfinding

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