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Our consistent branding process means
we hit the ground running.

Building a strong foundation is the key to developing successful brand solutions. Our collaborative process reveals the most important qualities of your brand and allows us to develop effective strategies and thought-provoking creative.

One: Build the Foundation

First, we build a client core team that will remain consistent throughout the process, as well as, any other extended teams that will play an influential role. The core team helps define strategic goals, and provides input and feedback to reach goals and build consensus.

Next, we conduct a thorough discovery process, to develop a clear understanding of the project’s goals, business objectives, assets, audiences, competition and challenges. This often includes individual or group interviews, historical research and analysis and a critical look at your brand, competitors and like-minded organizations. We then distill wat this information and present the findings so that everyone is on the same page about the perceptions and realities of the project. From there, we make strategic recommendations regarding how to best move forward.

Based on the work we’ve accomplished so far, we develop and define brand strategy, and align critical components of the brand platform—positioning, characteristics, messages and communication applications. We establish metrics, define technical specifications and confirm touch point applications. These components create focus and consistency to drive the business forward.

Two: Create the Vision

Using the brand platform as our guide, we begin to bring the brand to life. We bridge strategic with tactical by creating a compelling verbal and visual vocabulary through the creation of visual palettes that including typography, photographic styles, graphic elements and color combinations that begin to establish a unique, recognizable, and consistent personality for the brand.

Three: Bring the Brand to Life

The work in this phase applies the elements of the vision to the tactical touchpoint applications that have been defined. It communicates the brand’s personality, now and in the future. Through traditional and digital applications that have been agreed upon in Phase One, we build a cohesive and engaging presentation that can be replicated to expand the impact of the brand.

Our team manages the design and production process to insure that all completed communication assets meet or exceed our high expectations.

Four: Extend the Brand

Argus continues to support, guide and expand the brand to new opportunities, maintaining consistency and inspiring action.