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About the Project:

Metagenomi mines the world’s natural microbial environment to rapidly develop effective cures to treat incurable genetic diseases.

Argus worked with Metagenomi to develop new branding which communicates its mission and position. Argus created a brand platform to define key attributes and messages and used this to design a new logo and monogram.

Metagenomi’s technology is complex and it was important that we develop an initial webpage with critical information and messaging that makes Metagenomi’s value clear. Argus chose striking and dynamic natural images combined with abstract images to communicate Metagenomi’s ability to combine nature and science to advance health.

The logo illustrates the process of what Metagenomi does from earth through science to life with three distinct brand colors. A monogram combines the idea of earth to life.

Our Services:

• Communications Audit
• Brand Platform
• Identity
• Website

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