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About The Project

ALZA Corporation was a pharmaceutical and medical systems company founded in 1968 by Dr Alejandro Zaffaroni. The company’s name is a portmanteau of his name. ALZA pioneered the field of drug delivery systems, bringing over 20 prescription pharmaceutical products to market. ALZA was acquired by Johnson & Johnson.

“Complex Challenges, Innovative Solutions”

Argus developed a comprehensive branding program and brand standards for the ALZA Corporation, which is now part of the Johnson & Johnson family of brands. We guided the organization through the process of discovering its voice and personality. The drug delivery technology ALZA produces needed to be understood by audiences with different sophistication levels on the subject, including scientists and government representatives. Based on our research, we determined that the best way to move forward was to segment the audiences into separate groups, resulting in the development of two distinct marketing pieces and making it easier for salespeople to connect on a meaningful level. Both were supported by the messaging platform that was part of the overall brand, but each unique to the audience and reflective of function. Our work streamlined future projects and ensured that ALZA’s drug delivery devices were properly communicated to specific audiences. The brand was extended to advertising, web and packaging materials.

Our Services:

• Communications Audit
• Corporate and Sales Brochures
• Copy and Illustration Procurement
• Advertising

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